The 156cm G-cup doll is to be on the market next Wednesday


OR DOLL like the others factories will release a new model with big boobs and 156cm height (Doll House 168 155/161 plus, WM Dolls 155, 165cm Huge breast or the all new 155cm From YL DOLL with small breasts but big butt).

Or Doll announced on TDF that they will put this new body on the market on 05/18/16… next wednesday.

You could find her on the all new store of my partner:

After several revisions, Our 156cm G++ cup doll has been produced out. This update really took a long time, please accept my apologizes for the delay.

I would like to send the newest design of nipple, Nipple area and vagina style to you guys to have a look. We will use the Japanese newest inserted (vagina) and take all pictures next Tuesday.

Thank you for your guys always support us!

Zihan Tang

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