New 161 Plus series from Doll House 168


Doll House 168 is one of best all new factories. I wrote some posts about one of my favorite dolls: Rin (62″ or 158cm)

Doll House 168 announce new great body of 63.3″: The 161 Plus Series. And all is in the “PLUS”!

This time, you can find some many big boobs dolls, but this body is fantastic, even it’s a little heavy with a weight of about 72.7lbs (33 kg). Difference between the breast size and the underbust give sexy shape to this doll. Three heads (See photos below) are available for this body: Kaede, Aoi, Rin (love this last face)

The specifications are:

  • Breasts: 35″ – 89cm
  • Under bust: 24.4″ – 62 cm
  • Waist: 21.6″ – 55cm
  • Hips: 32.6″ – 83 cm
  • shoulder width: 13.4″ – 34 cm
  • arm length: 19.7″ – 50 cm.



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Doll House 168:

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